Hard to put a finger on it really… I guess the reason for me creating my blog is to have a platform for my thoughts to nestle and an etching of our story… It’s about journeys we take, hurdles we jump and sharing the regular ‘stuff’ that makes us a regular family (like yours)!

US: Me, one husband, four children, two dogs, eight chickens, a part time resident python and a menagerie of native flora and fauna… situated riverside in our little slice of paradise along the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia is where my story begins…

Being “out and about” is a core theme to this blog and who we six are… weekends, outdoors, family gatherings, friends, parenting, cooking, house renovations and travel will no doubt feature often in my upcoming posts.

Don’t expect routine, routine, routine (although we do strive for it from time to time), our family is a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ type of brood and our last minute approach is at times not for the faint hearted 😉

Being a mother of 5 (Husband included), I am ALWAYS looking for a bargain! And love the thrill of the chase to achieve a LOT with a little! I would dare to say my family and friends support this claim 😉 and my children most definitely find it a good source of amusement day in day out… with badgering chants of “it’s cheaper at ALDI” being a resounding war cry of my children (and their friends) on many a shopping adventure!

I do warn you … my blog entries will most times be written on the run, as spur of the moment thoughts enter my head, or when a lull of more than a few moments presents and I get the opportunity to blog during ‘me time’ (lol!).

Mostly I intend to keep this journey positive, not to gloat, not to reject struggle or it’s presence in my life, but to empower me to think positive, engage in gratitude, pay it forward and create a fruitful vine to highlight the brighter side of life, in a world that can all too often feel blanketed with darkness. Positive thoughts create positive people and empowers the soul x

So sit back, hold on tight and enjoy the journey with me as we take on new horizons, practice thrifty spending (most of the time), wade through the channels and share some of what makes us tick…  😉

Teena x


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