3 Steps to Building Resilience… by Taking ACTION!

Stay with me… the ditsy beginning will get much more pointed, I promise!…

I’m sure that most, if not all of my friends would advocate that I LOVE a thrifty purchase, who doesn’t right? Always on the hunt for a good bargain whether it be food, appliances, renovation or travel  focused, I’m there!

So when I was gifted with a few $’s for my birthday just last week, I was quick to jump online and hunt down the best buy I could find to curb my love for pasta and dive into my 2017 Year of ACTION mantra!

Today I got into the car, drove over to K-Mart and purchased my first “SPIRALIZER”!!!!

I’m soooo E.X.C.I.T.E.D!!! I am also a little freakishly scared that I am “super excited” about a vegetable spiral maker… 😦 I KNOW! But buying this spiralizer at the bargain basement price of just $15, is something I have umm..ed and arr..ed about for a long time… FINALLY going out of my way to make a purchase is a reflection of my resilience to forge ahead and my capacity to take ACTION and turn my dreams into reality!

My dream for 2017 and beyond… is to walk forward as a resilient Women & Mother & take positive ACTION along my journey toward true Happiness, Physical and Mental Wellbeing! 

Late last year my employer summonsed all of us (me and my colleagues) to attend a “Resilience in the Workplace” seminar (as the Agency was undergoing a restructure)… although pro-active and forward thinking for an Employer, my first thoughts (and most of my colleagues) were oh no, you’ve got to be kidding me… I don’t need to attend a resilience workshop!

I couldn’t have been more WRONG! It was the most uplifting workshop I think I have ever attended and it gifted me with the tools to focus on my psychological well-being and in turn a desire to invest in resources within my life, to proactively contribute to both our family and my self productivity… HAPPINESS!

It is my firm belief that “giving of yourself, building physical and mental wellbeing, creating strong relationships and maintaining positivity in our circles equates to happiness!”

So my gift to you, to help you and me on our path toward true happiness, is to share some of the skills I learnt by attending this workshop, the key points I interpreted and took away from my attendance at the training (in my own words) 🙂

My learnt fundamental steps for happiness…

  • Find your calling!…  Evaluate your standards, morals and values… then evaluate your interests and career values along with ask yourself “what do I enjoy (I mean really enjoy) doing”?… Your area of enjoyment may be a hobby, activity, pastime, the sky is the limit. Next highlight overlaps – the overlaps are where your heart and head meet, the special place that promotes happiness and content within you… those things indicate your CALLING… what you should be doing and why you should be doing it… the common ground to strive for in your life to ensure productivity, contentment and happiness! Now follow your dreams, take action and reside in your calling!


  • Invest in you!… Recognise your values, the things that are paramount to you and invest to maintain them! Surround yourself with resources to allow you to enrich  your life.. these resources may include –
    • UPLIFTING & POSITIVE PEOPLE… friends who support and value you, friends you can laugh with, friends that inspire FUN
    • GOOD FOOD… buy that spiralizer from your wish list 😉
    • A HEALTHY BODY & SOUL… take that exercise class, go for that morning walk or take a swim
    • LOVE YOURSELF and put YOURSELF FIRST!… Or if you’re a Mum (Parent) a more easily digestible phrase may be to put yourself EQUAL FIRST! … it’s not selfish its essential to happiness!


  • Build Emotional Resilience!… this step will be reinforced as you progress along your journey of achieving the first two steps wholeheartedly. Learnto accept the things I cannot change (in many cases the problem) and empower yourself by focusing on “my circle of influence” (in most instances my emotion – positive self talk, sun rays and physical activity).  I have learnt that my anxiety and depression occurs when my circle of concern can not be influenced by me (right here, right now – things that are effectively out of my control). My key focus steps to achieving Emotional Resilience is to recognise and take action on the things we cannot change! Search for tools and resources to make change viable, but only focus on those changes you can influence! Focus on controlling your emotion when faced with adversity and challenge –
    • Focus on one thing at a time
    • Break the problem down into manageable parts
    • Pause to breath and be still
    • Empty your mind from chatter (brain talk)
    • Develop a mantra – a focused repetition of positive uplifting words
    • Find the possibilities and positives
    • Evaluate feelings V’s Reality
    • Reflect on past achievements
    • Take positive action!


Of the many things I have learnt over my life the phrase I am going to impart on you could not ring loader for me this year… MY year of ACTION!!!

My gift of positive words to inspire possibilities within you and I are…

“The path between dreams and reality is ACTION and the perk is… ACTION BANISHES FEAR!”

Take ACTION! I plan to ❤

Teena x