Make it Happen!

Never let it be doubted that you shouldn’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today!

If I had listened to myself and this advice 6 months ago, I would be so much further on my journey than I am… till a few days ago I was stagnate, reflecting on what should have been and every so slightly disappointed in myself for not making waves instead of ripples on the weight loss journey!

But let’s face it, if any one of us had that golden key, we’d be basking on our mega yacht, sipping invigorating green smoothies, whilst being catered for with organic and most certainly raw decadent delights!

“Get real! It’s really just me on my make-it-happenisland… with my thoughts of weight loss desires, my skinny coconut milk based cocktail and my never ending urge to pull my finger out and get on with it! I need to make a change, MAKE IT HAPPEN!”

I’ve come to learn over my 40 odd years on this planet that… Just like the start of EVERY journey EVER faced by any person for any reason, wishing gets you NOWHERE!

After all, as they say… if you don’t make a change and you do what you always do, you’ll get what you always got!

It’s easy to think positive thoughts, persuading yourself that you will get there, that it WILL happen one day, eventually. BUT let me tell you from cold hard experience, unless you exert FORCE there is no journey!

Momentum only get’s you so far, the rest of your path needs to be filled with a constant effort to force yourself that extra step, that extra few minutes, that extra day or how ever long or far it takes to see results! We need to use that extra push of will power we have inside us all that’s waiting for action to come into play! We need to push ourselves out of our comfort zone, exert energy and force ourselves to achieve what we want!

There is always an excuse! We either listen to it and believe it and FAIL, or we conquer it, move forward and ACHIEVE! It IS as simple as that!

I found myself watching not one but two TED broadcasts last weekend. I couldn’t believe that my husband and I actually found 25 minutes in the day (together, believe it or not) for ourselves to shut all else out, be still and listen! That in itself was a huge achievement!

Through listening I learnt that we can ALL get what we want out of life, if we only force ourselves to take the steps needed! But also that if you don’t take action in the first 5 minutes you more than likely never will!

The second TED broadcast, we stumbled upon as it auto played at the conclusion of our first video… almost ready to switch off due to the monotone voice of the presenter. A few seconds of her life story captured our attention… and I learnt another major fact of life… our mental health influences and inhibits our success!

You might think of success as financial, but let me set you straight, success comes in ALL forms and through many varied paths of achievements on numerous levels! But if we let life get the better of us and in this instance by life I mean greed, resentment, jealousy, envy and bitterness, you will never move forward and achieve happiness and success, these things will hold you back and keep you from your goals!

So after my TED awakening I decided to clear my negative thoughts, jump out of bed and force myself into a new day! A day filled with not only hope but ACTION! Action that was going to see me move forward and achieve my goals!

I believe the recipe for really making a difference in your life and for guiding you on your journey…. is taking small forceful steps and refusing to let negativity fog your path in the process!

This week my small steps have included:girls-and-me-bike-ride

#1… an early morning 9km bike ride with my middle two children at an unearthly before school hour, completed in time to return home for the production line of breakfast, lunches and getting them off on the bus to school

#2… making a concerted effort to purchase more healthy food for our family of 6, by replacing the most chemically effected fruit and vegetables with organic varieties

#3… buying fresh and more often, making every effort to keep it local and creating healthy snacks

#4… assertively guiding my metal health to avoid negative conversation and thoughts and pulling myself up during moments of weakness

and lastly but not least..

#5… taking the opportunity to believe my husband, when he said their were “no hills” on the 2 hour bike ride he was about to take me on, because without this belief I NEVER would have gone with him!

So as you can see I am taking my journey of change one step at a time… I have no doubt I will stumble and at times possibly fall along my path, but a combination of swift force and positive vibes WILL see me succeed!

A change they say is as good as a holiday and I LOVE holidays!

*P.S.* I am also going to post a few of my healthy snack creations on the blog to help keep us all well nourished on whatever journey we have chosen to take! 😉

Stay tuned! x











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