Mumma v’s Me!

I was sitting with my Doctor not so long ago, and being a dedicated “my children always come first” kind of Mumma found myself in tears as he mentioned (or more like insisted) that I needed to put myself FIRST! Me above my children?? NEVER!

Mumma V's Me!

My health had been poor and the general day to day stresses of being a working mother of 4 over the past 13 years had taken its toll and especially in my case, the sleep deprivation.

But as my Doctor saw the tears streaming down my cheeks he proceeded with his motivational interjection into my psyche by adding … “EQUAL FIRST”!

There is no way I could put myself above my children, but hearing his catch phrase made me think, as a Mother I get that! THAT I can do! So although it has taken me some time to get the ME part of my life back into focus, I’m now on a mission!

We’ve all heard the resounding comments of “you need to look after you first” before you can look after others. But do we really believe it and does it take a place in the everyday life of a Mother? I can honestly say NO, up until this point this Mumma has never really put herself first, from the early years of Breast Feeding before eating myself, putting my babies to sleep and ensuring their comfort before mine, always hesitant to spend $’s on me and being more than happy to raid every last cent in the piggy bank for my family, packing a healthy lunchbox and scooting out the door with not a moment of thought to how my eating plan would look for the day. Those are all practices I’m sure many Mothers have and yet we just don’t seem to get it!

A Mother’s health and wellbeing is paramount to every family unit! We help make our family tick. And we all know a clock gets out of rhythm, slows and stops if the hands loose the support and momentum of their hard working centre cog!

Well this week has seen me start my mission of creating a year focused on ME! As an equal of course! 😉

AND I’ve started my journey by losing a whopping 6 kg’s! Yep in ONE WEEK! I couldn’t be more motivated with that kind of start, just what I was aiming for…a swift and speedy introduction to wave me on and keep the momentum on full throttle!

My mantra for the past 7 days has been “Food as Fuel.. when you need it, not when you want it”!

Simple theory right, but not so simple for Mummatopia! I have always struggled with my weight and to kick the kilos I have tried a range of different approaches. None however have I really focused on my mindset and putting mind before matter, literally, in my approach to weight loss and lifestyle changes.

Yes this week has been hard, somewhat mundane and ever so loooong! But every time I felt my tummy rumble, my mind wander or my body craving, I just tucked into my mantra and realised that those feelings were the consequence of me loosing FAT and walking a journey to better health! Hearing my tummy growl encouraged me to stay the course. 

Of course this is just the beginning and everyone knows the journey is never an easy path, but rather an individual trek for each of us to explore. I have just approached the curve of my life story’s turning point and with dedication, enthusiasm and sheer determination, something all Mumma’s most definitely have, I dam well intend on doing it and if you’re interested so can YOU! 

Jump on board, I’d be more than happy to have you along for the ride! ❤

Teena x