Growing childhood memories

Growing Childhood Memories.png

Creating a fun filled, family and friends lifestyle is something that didn’t just happen upon us. It took a lot of thought to plan and pockets of hard earned cash to build a platform for our family to create an active entertaining lifestyle, that will hopefully feed the mind and soul of our children’s future childhood memories.

After just completing an Easter ‘Great Outdoors Weekend’ with 50+ people, 5 tents, 1 caravan, 1 Ski Boat, water sports equipment, loads of FUN, food in abundance and a friend who turns up with a decadent (ONLY 5 ingredient) slice to cater for the multitudes!!! What more can you ask for??? … (Tammy you’re the best ❤ …slice post to come…)

No top end purchases here… my thrifty skills were well implemented with many visits and tags (by driven friends) throughout Facebook buy and sell groups, Gumtree and eBay to source our ski boat, stock of water sports toys and safety equipment, of which we now have enough to engage a small army!

Mummatopia Boating - Growing Childhood Memories.png


Spending time with our children is so crucial and a pastime my husband and I both LOVE. As we have learned already with an eldest approaching 14, time does fly bye and you only have one chance at the early years that form the foundation of their future pathways!

So, as parents, we took a slow deep look at our own childhoods, picked out those times that stood out as being what shaped our lives and happiness and took the steps to build the same lifestyle opportunities for our children. Our choices might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it definitely fills our tea-pot to the brim! Fun times, family, friends and the great outdoors, what more could you want as a child (or an Adult)?

Mummatopia Boat Driving - Growing Childhood Memories.png


The opportunity to engage with people and create lasting memories and life long friendships is something that is not out of any family’s reach! As parents we sat down and set three family goals we really would like to impart on our children (aspirations, experiences and journeys included) and set about to achieve them.

You can do it too! Reflect, regroup and reapply your cherished childhood moments and impart them on to your children! Who says you need to re-invent the wheel… A little planning can go a LONG way and help you build for your own family’s journey. If you plan the big picture, it will help the little things fall into place along the way.

As we move along our family goals pathway, I ask myself are we doing it right?… and the answer is always… we’re trying and how can that be wrong!

Mummatopia Ski Biscuit - Growing Childhood Memories


Teena x



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